Kemptville Bowling Lanes is a friendly 8-Lane Five-Pin bowling alley with improved automatic scoring and computer screens with NEW fun and entertaining animations.

After you play a game of bowling, head over to our snack bar for a snack and drink or have some finger food from our menu. We also provide a wide variety of refreshments and are fully licensed.

While you are waiting to play a game or to kill time, come play some pool. You can also watch some television on our new flat screen TV’s.

For the safety of all our bowlers, we friendly ask to take your outside shoes off when you enter the building. We thank you for your cooperation.

The Kemptville Bowling Lanes offers a wide range of different bowling ideas. You can have your kids birthday party at the bowling alley or group parties or fund-raisers. Please ask the staff for more information, call them or stop by for a visit.

The Kemptville Bowling also offers a wide range of bowling leagues that you can join. There are leagues playing almost every day or night of the week. It is FREE to join. There is also a league for kids and people with a disability. 

If you would like more information about any of these leagues and where to sign up and times of these leagues, please ask our staff for information and they will give you the contacts needed for that league. They would love to have new people to join.

So come to the Kemptville Bowling Alley for a rolling good time. We hope you come back again soon with more people as we are open 7 days a week.




If you want to look at it, the link is:


Enjoy the video.


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