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This section you will find information for our upcoming events. Including; leagues, fund-raisers, etc.

Check back for the latest updates and breaking news.

Kemptville Bowling Lanes 2017 Fall Hours

BB BS Bowling March 2018

Welcome bowling season

bowlers welcome

Kemptville Bowling are looking for new bowlers to join the weekly leagues. Numbers are low so now each league are looking for new people to join. You don’t need to be a professional to join. Just come on out and have a good time and meet new people. You can find the schedule of each league on the “Leagues Info Page”. You can call the lanes at 613-258-3121 or just come by and the staff will gladly answer your questions. Hope to see you on the lanes. Thank-you for your cooperation and time.

Also, the Kemptville YBC League are looking for new bowlers to join their leagues. They bowl every Saturdays at 9:00AM and at 11:00AM. You don’t need to be a good bowler, just come on out and have fun bowling and meet new people. The coaches and staff will help and coach you along the way. If you would like more information about this league or any questions don’t hesitate and call Kemptville Bowling at 613-258-3121 or check the YBC Page for info and updates. Hope to see you on the lanes. Thank-you.

Bowler Animation 2

Kemptville Bowling Lanes now have a charging station for electric vehicles for the winter or summer. Ask staff for more information about this cool idea.


Kemptville Bowling Lanes has now FREE WI-FI that you can use while waiting to bowl or playing pool. Ask staff for more information. Thank you.

wifi free logo 2

Kemptville Bowling Lanes have started a new club. It’s called “Frequent Bowler Club”. This means when you join this club, you will receive a card. The card will have nine spots which means if you bowl or pay a total of NINE games at anytime, you will get the 10th bowling game absolutely FREE. This will bring in more business. You can get the card at the front desk and if any questions or problems, contact the staff of the bowling lanes. Hope to see you on the lanes. Thank you for your support and cooperation.


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