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At Kemptville Bowling we offer many leagues for all ages and genders.


League session go from September to April.


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• Monday mixed – 7pm
• Tuesday mixed senior – 9am
• Tuesday ladies – 1pm
• Tuesday men’s league – 7pm
• Wednesday mixed bowling – 7pm
• Thursday mixed senior – 1pm
• Thursday mixed – 7pm
• Friday mixed – 10am

YOUTH (YBC) – 4 till 19 years of age.

On Saturday we offer 2 shifts for the YBC youth bowlers in a creative, fun and educational environment. With the help of certified bowling coaches the children will get familiar with the game of bowling itself and will discover the different techniques and tactics used.

• Saturday –   9am
• Saturday – 11am

 Here is an information sheet all about the YBC Program. It is in a PDF format. Just click on it to open or save it. Enjoy.

 Youth Bowling Info Page

                  Wheelchair Bowling


Here at Kemptville Bowling we offer a designated league for individuals with special needs.

It is held every SECOND Saturday at 1:30pm sharp where they all come together to enjoy a fun filled afternoon of bowling.

The Community Living Bowling Schedule is attached below in the link. Just click on it and download it. Or you can get a copy either at Community Supports or the Bowling Alley. It is a PDF file and you can also click on the picture. Thank you.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of these leagues or want to find out how to join. Feel free to contact the bowling lanes or come in. If you would like a copy, please ask Bill Patterson at 613-258-2973 or Community Living North Grenville at 613-258-7177. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Below you will find a photo for new or existing bowlers on how to have good Bowling Etiquette for leagues or just having fun. If you follow these rules, then your bowling experiences will be more fun and you will come back bowling. Just click on the picture to see larger view or click the link to download for your references. Have fun bowling and thank you for your cooperation and time.

Bowling Etiquette 2014

Bowling Etiquette – PDF File Download


5 Responses to Bowling Leagues

  1. Heather Warren says:

    How much does it cost for the summer league?
    What time is the YBC bbq on Saturday?

  2. Tracy Asselin says:

    I’m interested in joining the mix league on Monday nights. I am wondering what the cost is to bowl and if it’s possible to request to be on a team.


    • kemptville bowling says:

      The cost for Monday is $14.00 they usually put the teams together based on averages so you can request a team and they will check to see if the averages are OK.

    • kemptville bowling says:

      The cost is $14.00, you can request a team, they usually do it based on average so they will check your average.

  3. Melissa says:

    Can you join the league as a team? If yes, how many players per team?

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